Saturday, 11 July 2015

Nacht En Ontij

I first heard Nacht En Ontij by Boudewijn de Groot when a friend in den Haag played it to me many years ago. I've been playing it again a lot recently. There really is no other record quite like it for evoking a particular atmosphere. Even though I hardly understand a word it doesn't matter at all. The music and vocal performance are pure brilliance. I think this is one of the truly great records.

Jacco Gardner at the 100 Club

At the end of April I went to see Jacco Gardner at the 100 Club. I recently heard Jacco's music for the first time and became an instant fan. He plays a psychedelia for the 21st Century that channels the 1960s with real flair. Young enough to be the grandchild of the musicians who originated psychedelic rock,  he brings his own uniqueness to the genre. This is music strongly rooted in the Dutch psych tradition and was played by a superb band. I was very very impressed. A nice bonus for the evening was the support band VENN. Playing only their fourth gig they made a big impression me and I will go and see them again.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Subcutaneous by Dansfabriek

Subcutaneous  by Dansfabriek is the new project from Edwin de Herder.

Edwin continues to be a musical innovator and this new collection of arty, atmospherically impressionistic dance music takes you on a unique trip.

My favourite track has to be ' A Work of Art'

Listen here:

Saturday, 28 February 2015

a compilation tape from the 1980s

I started making compilation tapes of tracks from my record collection on 90 minute cassettes in the early 1980s.

Unfortunately I've lost all of the many I made and didn't keep any record of the tracklists.

Recently through I found one of those tapes, which I think dates from 1983/84.

This is the tracklist:

Side 1

Foolkiller - Mose Allison
Autumn is a Bummer - Gordon Alexander
American Gothic- David Ackles
Nothern Boundary - Gregg + Duane Allman
Archy the Robot -   Amon Duul 2
Good Vibrations -   The Beach Boys
Golden Lion - Bloomsbery People
Alligator Man- Boa Constrictor + Natural Vine
You are My love - Bobbi Dazzler
Green Onions Booker T + the MGs
Banana Republic - The Boomtown Rats
8 Miles High - The Byrds
Fool On The Roof - Guy Clark
Prolathamium - Judy Collins

Side 2

Those were the days - Cream
Find the cost of freedom  - CSN+Y
Four Horsemen - Fable
Chalk on the wall - Fairfield Palour
Fight on xtians, fight on - John Fahey
House on the Corner - Fat
Oh Well - Fleetwood Mac
Elephant Candy - The Fun + Games
Single Saddle-the Dillards
Hippies Graveyard-Johnny G
Tinkerbell's Mind - The GlitterHouse
Why We Came-Gospel Oak
Spirit In the Sky-Norman Greenbaum
King Midas in Reverse - The Hollies
Now and Then - Arlo Guthrie
My Animal - the Human Beinz

Sunday, 1 February 2015

First Forgotify discoveries

Last week I came across a New York Post website article on Forgotify, a website that randomly plays any of the 20% of tracks (around 4 million in total) on Spotify, that  have never been played by anyone.

Intrigued, I visited to the website and was immediately drawn in.

The playlist I've compiled is the result of skipping 100s of pieces of music and playing many others during the last week. It covers quite a number of genres and styles,ranging from to folk to avant garde, from jazz to film music and more.

Forgotify has quickly become my favourite method of music discovery.  

First Forgotify discoveries

Jim Byrnes – Stranger Blues
Joe & Bing – Summer Sound
John Lyle – My Cold Is Gone
Ingo & Floyd – Slow Motion
Secret Sounds - Full Moon On The Warpath - Live
Bent Patey – Extra Terrestrial Visit
Sundef – Sunrise
Roger Matura – New York (You're Bringin' Me Down)
Tom Parrott – Autumn Time in Grenada
Baird Hersey & David Moss – From the Tower
Orriel Smith – Over the Hills
Beaver Harris – Love And Hate
The Halifax Three – San Francisco Bay Blues
Pi Xprnc – Serenity
Steve Ashley – Monkey Puzzle Tree
The Folksmiths – Go Down, Old Hannah
Jimmy Carroll Percussion Ensemble – Speed the Parting Guest
Lubomír Brabec – Preludium
The Neurotics – Local News
Jennifer Ferguson – Eugene Speaks In White River - Today more than dogs are burning
Bhaskar Gupta – Naina Barse Rimjim
The Tycoons – Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
Arnold Dreyblatt & The Orchestra of Excited Strings – The Odd Fellows
Liz Getz – Where Does It Lead?
Lizzie Higgins – Beggar Man Dressed In Green
The Rings – Uh-Oh - Here I Go Again
Rustichelli Carlo – Tra i canyons
Traiters – Mexico
Gérard Guillemot – La soupe au lait
Cleveland Watkiss – Puss In Boots
Jad Fair – O.K. 19
Mark Spoelstra – Poor Boy
The Trio feat. John Surman – Billie the Kid
Ma Kelley – Welcome Home(to the homeless)
Fool's Child – Killer Force
Kevin Roth – Farewell to Tarwathie / Sheebeg Sheemore (medley)
David Earle Johnson, John Abercrombie & Dan Wall – Frozen Moments
Dinah Washington – Resolution Blues - Single Version

Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown - 31st October 2014 - Boileroom, Guildford

I saw The Crazy World of Arthur Brown at the Boileroom in Guildford on Friday night. It was an absolutely enthralling show, without a doubt one of the best gigs I have ever seen. Arthur's voice was amazingly powerful and controlled and he had the energy and dynamism of performers 50 years his junior. His band was superb, uniformly excellent with perfect timing, and with the addition of a dancer, this was a true performance piece. I was lucky enough to be right in front of the stage and able to provide a shoulder when Arthur left the stage for an audience encounter. If you get a chance to see this tour, then do - I can't recommend it highly enough. Halloween 2014 was one of the true musical highlights of my life.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Nits in London 2014

On Sunday 6th April, The Nits played in the UK for only the fourth time ever. It was a great show. The highlight of highlights for me had to be 'Three Sisters', which is my favourite Nits song. It was great to hear Robert Jan Stips' keyboards on the song