Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown - 31st October 2014 - Boileroom, Guildford

I saw The Crazy World of Arthur Brown at the Boileroom in Guildford on Friday night. It was an absolutely enthralling show, without a doubt one of the best gigs I have ever seen. Arthur's voice was amazingly powerful and controlled and he had the energy and dynamism of performers 50 years his junior. His band was superb, uniformly excellent with perfect timing, and with the addition of a dancer, this was a true performance piece. I was lucky enough to be right in front of the stage and able to provide a shoulder when Arthur left the stage for an audience encounter. If you get a chance to see this tour, then do - I can't recommend it highly enough. Halloween 2014 was one of the true musical highlights of my life.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Nits in London 2014

On Sunday 6th April, The Nits played in the UK for only the fourth time ever. It was a great show. The highlight of highlights for me had to be 'Three Sisters', which is my favourite Nits song. It was great to hear Robert Jan Stips' keyboards on the song

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Mama Loo - Whitecap

'White cap' is the fourth album by Mama Loo. I've been listening to it for the last couple of evenings and it's quite unlike anything I've heard before.
Mama loo are an innovative and adventurous Dutch power trio creating impressionistic dreamscapes of music and words. This album will take you into another world of melancholy yet joyous emotional adventure. The particular highlights for me are 'Undertow' and 'Bitter Heart' but the whole albums casts a spell for its whole running time. I've been a huge fan of Edwin de Herder's music for many years and consider him to be one of the world's best guitar players. Here he's supported by the great drumming and bass playing of Gerrie Spaansen and Rory van den Bergh on a highly unusual and captivating album. You should hear 'Whitecap'.

You can listen to it and download it from Bandcamp

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Dirk Hamilton - solo mono

Indiana born, California raised and now resident in Texas, Dirk Hamilton is one of the world’s great songwriter poets.

A professional musician since the age of 15, Dirk played with a number of local Sacramento bands and was a regular in the San Francisco bay area club scene before moving to Los Angeles in the mid-70s.

Having heard a few demo tracks, Gary Katz (producer of all Steely Dan’s albums up and including ‘Gaucho’) instantly decided to produce Dirk’s first album ‘You can sing on the left or bark on the right’

Critically acclaimed, with a unique writing and singing style, compared to Dylan and Van Morrison, a powerful new songwriter had emerged on the music scene.

‘Alias i’, a second album for ABC, saw a rising star continuing to share his left field view of the world, at once tender, cynical and funny.

After ABC folded, Dirk moved to Elektra Asylum for his 2 masterpieces ‘Meet Me at the Crux’ (heralded by Rolling Stone as one of the essential albums of the 70s) and ‘Thug of Love’. It was only a matter of time until Dirk Hamilton would be established in the canon of rock’s revered singer/songwriters. But it wasn’t to happen.

During a tour supporting Warren Zevon, loose talk about Zevon’s stage act from members of Dirk’s band got back to Zevon, who then had Hamilton’s band thrown off the tour. Following this, Dirk was dropped by Elektra.

Never being one to enjoy the business side of playing music, losing industry support at this key time in his ascent through the big leagues led Dirk to decide he didn’t have the stomach to play the industry game anymore. He turned his back on music entirely and didn’t sing, play or write a word for about 4 years, one of which was spent sitting in The Shamrock, a bar in Stockton, California and 3 of which he worked as a counselor for troubled teens. Mid-way through Dirk’s counselor years he began playing in a cover band and soon he found that new songs were coming to him and he started writing again. In 1986 the Stockton version of The Dirk Hamilton Band was formed and they played up and down the California coast until the late 80s, when Dirk discovered he had a devoted fan base in Italy and the last 20-plus years have been split between Italian tours, US shows and recording albums, which now total 16.

Dirk Hamilton grows more powerful as a songwriter and performer of engaging, offbeat, literate songs

May 12th in Topanga Canyon saw the release party for of his first solo album.

For the first time, after a long lifetime of making albums, Dirk Hamilton appears solo on a studio record.

‘solo mono’ features only his guitar and voice and is a masterpiece.

You will not easily find such passionate, witty, angry, funny, heartbreaking writing in music today.

‘solo mono’ is available as a cd and as a digital download on bandcamp.

Below is a live performance of 'Where are all the Rebels?' from 'solo mono' and some YouTube highlights of songs from previous albums:

Rich Man Blues (preceeded by interview)

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Go and have a look at another website of mine, where I've posted about some music I like and added links to some of my own vocal performance.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Katell Keineg - High July

'High July' is a great album, by one of the world's greatest and most original musicians. Hear everything recorded by Katell Keineg, because she seems incapable of recording music that is not tinged with genius.

The Downer Party - Country Kids

I love this song. I heard 'Country Kids' by the Downer Party via mySpoonful, my favourite source of new music.