Friday, 10 December 2010

CDR compilation 10-12-2010

The Ballroom – Baby please don't go
Andwella – Hold on to your mind
The Illusion – Happy Days
Michael Chapman – Stranger in the room
Cosmic Dealer – Swingin' Joe Brown
Sweetwater – What's wrong
Fusion Orchestra – Skeleton in armour
Julius Victor – Circus lady
Andwella – Michael Fitzhenry
Pavlov's Dog – Gold Nuggets
Michael Chapman – Rabbit hills
The Garden club – Little girl lost and found
Coven – Lost without a trace
The Monkees – Daily nightly
Blue Roses – Doubtful comforts
Cosmic Dealer – the Fly
Princess Chelsea – Monkey eats bananas
Three legged horse – Red
Andwella – World's end

Friday, 22 October 2010

cdr compilation - 22-10-2010

C'mon home – the Buckinghams
Cornflower blues – Chick Shannon & the Last Exit Band
Meditation – Cave dwellers
Wind Cloud – Kestrel
Woman, she was gentle – Eric Andersen
Wondertown (part one) – the Walkabouts
3 Act Circus – Noush Like Sploush
Do or die – Wigwam
I think I'll call it a morning – Gil Scott-Heron
Because it's time – McKendree Spring
Riding Tigers – Slapp Happy
A better hold – Wigwam
Hide from the dawn – Brainchild
Desert Island Song – Delay Trees
There's no lock upon my door – David McWilliams
No man's land – Henk Hofstede
Danza – Marcus Meza
Fair Fortune's Star – Carolanne Pegg

Saturday, 19 June 2010

playlist 19th June 2010

Last night I put together a cdr length playlist of some of the best things I've been listening to recently.

Dreamworld – the End
Jersey Thursday – Douglas Fir
Men are building sand – Montage
all around us – Pacific Eardrum
Voyaging to Vinland – Robert Calvert
Impossible things – Morris Tepper
same old way – Rhinoceros
Down in the bottom – Creepy John Thomas
My life is filled with changes – Luv Machine
God is alive in Argentina – the doppler Effect
Dream Weaver – Seed of love – The little boy blues
Fandangos in Space – Carmen
Do not walk in the rain – Forest
Hiding behind the moon – Jeff Hanson
oh that she might – the Paupers
Hello sunshine- Relatively clean rivers
the map – Bob Pegg
Ailen Mochre – Stone the crows
one five eight – Stone the crows
the river – Bob Pegg
ask her again – the Paupers
Say say hello – I Spy

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Kevin Coyne - I want my crown

I've been listening to the new Kevin Coyne anthology on tonight. It's a worthy tribute to one of the truly great English songwriter/performers.

'Revelation' on

You can download 'Revelation' by Prometheon on

Monday, 1 February 2010

a first mix on the first day of February

Here's my first attempt at a mix on 8tracks.

I like this website and will be doing more.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Dirk Hamilton - You can sing on the left or bark on the right

I've been listening to this on LastFM tonight. I haved loved this album since I first heard it more than 25 years ago. Among the thousands and thousands albums I have heard from the 60s and the 70s, this rates very very very high. It touches me as much, every time I listen. I hadn't heard it for too long because my copy is on vinyl and it's been a time since my turntable has spun. If you are reading this, please make sure you hear Dirk Hamilton's 'You can sing on the left or bark on the right'

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Grin - My favourite tracks

I've been a huge fan of Grin, since first hearing their music 30 years ago. Today I made a tracklist for my ideal compilation from their four albums.

Take you to the movies tonight
White Lies
Just to have you
Sad letter
Ain't love nice
Everybody's Missin' the Sun
Heart on fire
Hi, Hello, Home
If I were a song
Lost a number
Love again
Love or else
Moon Tears
Open wide
Rusty gun
Pioneer Mary
See what love can do
True thrill
We all sung together
Like rain
What about me
End unkind