Saturday, 6 September 2008

Headin' for the country

This below is a compilation I made for Antal from the Zippies. I saw Antal playing with his country band the Roving Gamblers when I was in den Haag in 2001 and when I got back to England, made him a cdr with a strong country rock emphasis, as a thankyou for some excellent Golden Earring music I hadn't heard, that he gave me. 

the Grateful dead-looks like rain
John Stewart-you can’t look back
Gene clark-life’s greatest fool
Terry and the pirates-wish I was your river
Joe Ely-Row of dominoes
The other ones-Jack straw
Steve Hyams-Bethlehem Steel
David Forman & Levon Helm-Gimme a stone
The Bottle Rockets-pot of gold
Lee Clayton-10,000 years/sexual moon
John P Strohm and the hello strangers-powderkeg
James McMurty-vague direction
Heads hands & feet-just another ambush
Little Feat-Doriville-
Steve Hyams-El Dorado
The Vulgar Boatmen-when we walk
Lynn Miles-I always told you the truth
Al Anderson-without your love

January 2002

A trip through the winter vaults

A trip through the winter vaults

A second selection from Dr Euphoria

The Misunderstood- I can take you to the Sun
Amon Duul 2-Flower of the Orient
Creation-Making time
Big Brother and the holding co-Oh, Sweet Mary
The Smoke-My friend Jack
Leafhound-Growers of Mushroom
Alquin-convicts of the air
Dragonfly-Celestial dreams
Shelagh Mcdonald-Stargazer
Dantalion’s Chariot-Madman running through the fields
Spectrum-Make your stash
Scorpions-I’m going mad
Aquarian Age-10,000 word in a cardbord box
The Tower-In your life
Elder Kindred-Saga
Eclection-St George and the Dragon
Brainbox-Between Alpha and Omega
Can-She brings the rain
Jackie Leven-Sleeping in bracken


The psychedeliscist’s delightful autumn array

This is the tracklist for a compilation tape made by me in 2001

The psychedeliscist’s delightful autumn array

A first selection from the coffers of Dr Euphoria

Side one

Earth and fire-carnival of the animals
Creation-through my eyes
The Midas touch-sulphur flowers
The outsiders-wish you were here with me today
Gift-don’t hurry
Family-the chase
Mellow candle-the poet and the witch
The Dave pike set-mathar
Golden earrings-who cares
Symon-my good time
Les ypers sound-teen tonic
Kaleidoscope-dive into yesterday
Electric frankenstein-moonwalk
pink floyd-Astonome domine

Side two

Harvey mandel-wade in the water
Ahora mazda-spacy tracy
Electric sandwich-china
Group 1850-Friday I’m free
Group 1850-little fly
Pesky gee!-peace of mind
Ry cooder-getaway
Drama-smile or yell
Les yper sounds-jericho jerk
Pretty things-loneliest person

Compiled 10th October 2001