Saturday, 6 September 2008

A trip through the winter vaults

A trip through the winter vaults

A second selection from Dr Euphoria

The Misunderstood- I can take you to the Sun
Amon Duul 2-Flower of the Orient
Creation-Making time
Big Brother and the holding co-Oh, Sweet Mary
The Smoke-My friend Jack
Leafhound-Growers of Mushroom
Alquin-convicts of the air
Dragonfly-Celestial dreams
Shelagh Mcdonald-Stargazer
Dantalion’s Chariot-Madman running through the fields
Spectrum-Make your stash
Scorpions-I’m going mad
Aquarian Age-10,000 word in a cardbord box
The Tower-In your life
Elder Kindred-Saga
Eclection-St George and the Dragon
Brainbox-Between Alpha and Omega
Can-She brings the rain
Jackie Leven-Sleeping in bracken


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