Friday, 26 September 2008

Steve Kethero on Mama Loo

'I have succumbed
to the power
and the majesty
of Mama Loo
I tried to resist
but was powerless
before the riff

I turned my face away
but could still see
the smile of a maitre d
the eyes of an assassin
now I am haunted
in every waking moment
by a ghost in daylight'

The above is Steven Kethero's poem about a Mama Loo Paradiso performance and above that, his picture of their performance at the van Gogh Museum, the year we were there to perform by  the glass elevator.

‘Song of Decision’ by Emily Bindiger.

The evening started for me with  'Genesis' by Jorma Kaukonen and 'Faster than the Hound' by Horslips (which was so much in my head when I got among the trees that I had to sing a line before Motion Demon began the evening's musical journey). After Motion Demon, far from other ears, we ended the evening by listening to ‘Song of Decision’ by Emily Bindiger. When I heard this song for the first time, not that long ago, I knew that it would be there among the few that are foremost in my musical landscapes forever and it is one of those songs I believe has true greatness and it was a fitting end to an inspiring evening.