Sunday, 25 May 2008

Two novels

Here’s the first words about books on this blog. The two I’ve read most recently were very different novels but both masterpieces. One by one of the world’s best living writers and another by a neglected English novelist. The first is ‘Samaritan’ by Richard Price, a deeply moving, very suspenseful and very compassionate book. This one you would regret not reading if you want to experience great writing. The second is ‘the fall of the sparrow’ by Nigel Balchin. Published in the mid 50s, this is sadly and unjustly long out of print. Who knows what spin of the wheel consigns some writers to be know only by a few, hopefully Nigel Balchin is not destined to lie in oblivion, because this book should be read and his name should be celebrated.

McCabe and Mrs Miller

For some reason, in the many years I've loved films, I manged to miss this one. I saw it for the first time tonight and was stunned. A truly great film. I'm a big Robert Altman fan and to date my favourite of his has been 'the long goodbye'.  I now think 'McCabe and Mrs Miller is his best film.
While watching I was reminded of two films I really admire, 'The claim' and 'ravenous', both films where snow is a character in itself.