Saturday, 31 May 2008

To Live and Die in LA

I bought the DVD of 'To Live and Die in LA' from FOPP today. FOPP is my favourite record shop of the few that remain today, but that's another story. I first saw William Friedkin's great dark thriller 23 years ago, not far from where I bought the DVD today at a cinema, which I seem to recall was in Shaftsbury Avenue. I remember being excited when I saw the poster for this film all those years ago and being very impressed by what I saw in the cinema. I was no less impressed this evening. The film is one of Friedkin's best and possibly his darkest. There are some startling moments and if you like car chases, films with action and very clever writing, this is a film you should know.  Be warned that it is violent and not a film you will not walk away from smiling, but it is a film that will make an impact on you.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

One More Heartache

I've been playing this over and over and over in the car today. If you want to hear it, you'll find it on 'the Resurrection of Pigboy Crabshaw' by the Butterfield Blues Band.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Two novels

Here’s the first words about books on this blog. The two I’ve read most recently were very different novels but both masterpieces. One by one of the world’s best living writers and another by a neglected English novelist. The first is ‘Samaritan’ by Richard Price, a deeply moving, very suspenseful and very compassionate book. This one you would regret not reading if you want to experience great writing. The second is ‘the fall of the sparrow’ by Nigel Balchin. Published in the mid 50s, this is sadly and unjustly long out of print. Who knows what spin of the wheel consigns some writers to be know only by a few, hopefully Nigel Balchin is not destined to lie in oblivion, because this book should be read and his name should be celebrated.

McCabe and Mrs Miller

For some reason, in the many years I've loved films, I manged to miss this one. I saw it for the first time tonight and was stunned. A truly great film. I'm a big Robert Altman fan and to date my favourite of his has been 'the long goodbye'.  I now think 'McCabe and Mrs Miller is his best film.
While watching I was reminded of two films I really admire, 'The claim' and 'ravenous', both films where snow is a character in itself.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

to and from the Prometheon session

Tonight on the way to the Prometheon session I played a tape. On the way home I turned the tape over.  Both journies were accompanied by albums that should be in the univesally acccepted canon of great rock albums. On the first side of the tape was 'Bedlam's self titled and only album, from 1973. On the second side was my favourite album by one of the longest lasting and prolific of the great bands in rock music, 'to the hilt' by Golden Earring. The last couple of minutes of 'Nomad', (the last track on side 1) are possibly my favourite in music. The combination of a great 4 piece band with Robert Jan Stips, a genius of the keyboard reached a zenith here.

Friday, 23 May 2008

For Emily in America disc 2

This is the second disc for Emily in America:

Do it –jesse winchster
Become like you-small faces
Connection-the rolling stones
Don’t play games-the youngbloods
Conquistador-procul harum
Cream-anyone for tennis
Katies been gone-the band
King chaos-jolliver arkansaw
Nubia-the rascals
Undun-the guess who
Coming down-love song for the dead che-locomotive
One more heartache-paul butterfield blues band
Coconut island-kevin coyne
Suzanne-fairport convention
Pale blue eyes-the velvet underground
Black sheep boy-highway 61-don’t make promises-stoneground

For Emily in America disc 1

Last Sunday Emily left for Kansas City. This is the first of two discs I made for her:

Four firemen-Dantalions Chariot
LA- Neil Young
Alabama Bound-The Charlatans
Buffalo ballet –John Cale
Box of rain –The Grateful Dead
The falcon –richard and mimi farina
The dolphins-fred neil
Grass-the pretty things
John the baptist-John and Beverley Martin
Journey through the past-Neil Young
Lauging-the guess who
Like rain –Grin
Barrel full of wine-new york rock and roll ensemble
Poor moon-canned heat
Some velvet morning-lee hazelewood and nancy sinatra
Song for insane time-Kevin Ayers
The letter-the box tops
There’s a hole in the future –Richie Havens
Buffalo-writing on the wall
Mister you’re a better man than I-oxford circle

Thursday, 8 May 2008

10 song random playlist 7th May 2008

Dr John - Glowin'
Little Feat - Got no shadow
Horslips - The man who built America
Haystacks Balboa - The silken men
Mountain - Tired angels
Bill Fay - Screams in the ears
Fat - House on the corner
Bamboo - Girl of the seasons
Richard and Linda Thompson - Calvary cross
Pearls Before Swine - The Jeweler

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

10 song random playlist 6th May 2008

Alan Stivell - Cease Fire
Ian Matthews - Southern Wind
Phil Ochs - Tape from California
Jackie Leven - Carnival Dark
Brainbox - Between Alpha and Omega
Writing on the wall – Buffalo
Dirty Filthy Mud – Forest of Black
The Youngbloods – Darkness Darkness
The Neon Philharmonic – Cowboy
Dragonfly – Celestial Dreams

Monday, 5 May 2008

10 song random playlist 5th May 2008

Maxfield Parrish – The Widow
Richie Havens-There’s a hole in the future
Bloodrock-Melvin laid an egg
The United States of America-Where is Yesterday
The Panama Limited - Indian Summer
West, Bruce and Laing - Out into the fields
Rupert Hine – Landscape
The Electric Flag-Over-Lovin’ You
Judy Henske and Jerry Yester –Raider
Richard and Mimi Farina-The Bold Marauder

some short playlists

Since almost half a year has past and so far no new podcast has emerged, little has happened here.
There will be more podcasts, but for the moment to maintain some activity here I'm going to post some playlists. These will be chosen by the machines on which I listen to music with some 
possible intervention by myself. If nothing else, it gives a picture of 
some of my favourite music at the moment.