Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The Black Donnellys

I just watched the pilot again , after watching the whole series in a couple of days only very recently. This is one of the best things I have ever seen on TV and it is a great great great shame that it was cancelled. This is so good it holds its own with 'Mean Streets' and 'State of Grace' The acting , writing and direction put it in a league with the classics of the gangster genre.


'Gangsters' is possibly the most daring and innovative series ever on the BBC. As as 10 and 12 year old it left a huge impact on me. As it was never repeated after it aired in 1975 and 1977 and never released on video I had to wait of 30 years to see it again. 'Gangsters' lived up to my memories. This is a very bizarre and unique series that has been unjustly overlooked in cultural history. Beware though, if you do watch this series it has a very shocking ending, which is actually quite upsetting if you get involved with the characters. Phillip Martin, the creator/writer didn't want to write a third series and finished the second in a way that would have made it near impossible to make a third. The script is one of the best in television history. 'Gangsters' is still groundbreaking and the BBC hasn't ever really come this close to the edge in a television series since.