Thursday, 3 July 2008

Compilation 3rd July 2008

Jennie Lee - Shuggie Otis
Nobody - Three Dog Night
Rainman - Rainman
Right now for you - Al Kooper
Of course - The Rascals
Flying Home - Jo Jo Gunne
Walking in the rain - The Green Pajamas
Come Together - The Beatles
Genesis - Jorma Kaukonen
Faster than the hound - Horslips
Ballad of El Goodo - Big Star
Circle round the Sun - Truth
Get you to come through - Rainman
Captive in the Sun - Eire Apparent
Injun Joe - The Good Rats
Rari - The Standells
Mr Guy Fawkes - Eire Apparent
Vanilla Queen - Golden Earring

Rainman - Frank Nuyens

It's the second night in a row I feel compelled to write about a great new song I've heard. It's 'Get you to come through' from the Rainman album by Frank Nuyens. I'm a big Q65 fan, so was looking forward to hearing this album, which is excellent. Another song is added to the great playlist in my head and I feel a cdr compilation taking shape.