Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Jean-Pierre Melville

I saw 'L'Armee des ombres' again after twenty years recently. It was as I remembered,one of the best films with a wartime setting, one of the world's great films. If I was asked to choose a favourite film director Melville is the one I would pick. His finest masterpiece was his next and penultimate film 'le Cercle Rouge'

While thinking about films set in the Second World War, I can't resist starting a list and the next in list of my favourites would be ' Soldier of Orange', 'Black Book', 'The Train' and 'Castle Keep'

Some films and TV

some things I've watched recently and will watch again because they were so good are:

Southland Tales
An eternal piece

Wild palms
Homicide Season 6

The Walkabouts

I found a gig by the Walkabouts from 2005 (Tilburg, August 28). I love this band. The power and emotion of their music finds few equals in the world today.If you haven’t heard them before you should hear this. Next to Jefferson Airplane I can’t think of a band who use female and male vocals together so brilliantly.
You’ll find the gig here:

The above link is a video of my favourite songs by this great band

‘the light will stay on’is a song I’ve loved since it was released and last night was the first time I saw the video.

elephants listening

The elephants were there listening. They heard the words, they heard the hands on the guitar, they heard the voice. You may soon hear what the elephants heard