Friday, 26 September 2008

Steve Kethero on Mama Loo

'I have succumbed
to the power
and the majesty
of Mama Loo
I tried to resist
but was powerless
before the riff

I turned my face away
but could still see
the smile of a maitre d
the eyes of an assassin
now I am haunted
in every waking moment
by a ghost in daylight'

The above is Steven Kethero's poem about a Mama Loo Paradiso performance and above that, his picture of their performance at the van Gogh Museum, the year we were there to perform by  the glass elevator.

‘Song of Decision’ by Emily Bindiger.

The evening started for me with  'Genesis' by Jorma Kaukonen and 'Faster than the Hound' by Horslips (which was so much in my head when I got among the trees that I had to sing a line before Motion Demon began the evening's musical journey). After Motion Demon, far from other ears, we ended the evening by listening to ‘Song of Decision’ by Emily Bindiger. When I heard this song for the first time, not that long ago, I knew that it would be there among the few that are foremost in my musical landscapes forever and it is one of those songs I believe has true greatness and it was a fitting end to an inspiring evening.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Headin' for the country

This below is a compilation I made for Antal from the Zippies. I saw Antal playing with his country band the Roving Gamblers when I was in den Haag in 2001 and when I got back to England, made him a cdr with a strong country rock emphasis, as a thankyou for some excellent Golden Earring music I hadn't heard, that he gave me. 

the Grateful dead-looks like rain
John Stewart-you can’t look back
Gene clark-life’s greatest fool
Terry and the pirates-wish I was your river
Joe Ely-Row of dominoes
The other ones-Jack straw
Steve Hyams-Bethlehem Steel
David Forman & Levon Helm-Gimme a stone
The Bottle Rockets-pot of gold
Lee Clayton-10,000 years/sexual moon
John P Strohm and the hello strangers-powderkeg
James McMurty-vague direction
Heads hands & feet-just another ambush
Little Feat-Doriville-
Steve Hyams-El Dorado
The Vulgar Boatmen-when we walk
Lynn Miles-I always told you the truth
Al Anderson-without your love

January 2002

A trip through the winter vaults

A trip through the winter vaults

A second selection from Dr Euphoria

The Misunderstood- I can take you to the Sun
Amon Duul 2-Flower of the Orient
Creation-Making time
Big Brother and the holding co-Oh, Sweet Mary
The Smoke-My friend Jack
Leafhound-Growers of Mushroom
Alquin-convicts of the air
Dragonfly-Celestial dreams
Shelagh Mcdonald-Stargazer
Dantalion’s Chariot-Madman running through the fields
Spectrum-Make your stash
Scorpions-I’m going mad
Aquarian Age-10,000 word in a cardbord box
The Tower-In your life
Elder Kindred-Saga
Eclection-St George and the Dragon
Brainbox-Between Alpha and Omega
Can-She brings the rain
Jackie Leven-Sleeping in bracken


The psychedeliscist’s delightful autumn array

This is the tracklist for a compilation tape made by me in 2001

The psychedeliscist’s delightful autumn array

A first selection from the coffers of Dr Euphoria

Side one

Earth and fire-carnival of the animals
Creation-through my eyes
The Midas touch-sulphur flowers
The outsiders-wish you were here with me today
Gift-don’t hurry
Family-the chase
Mellow candle-the poet and the witch
The Dave pike set-mathar
Golden earrings-who cares
Symon-my good time
Les ypers sound-teen tonic
Kaleidoscope-dive into yesterday
Electric frankenstein-moonwalk
pink floyd-Astonome domine

Side two

Harvey mandel-wade in the water
Ahora mazda-spacy tracy
Electric sandwich-china
Group 1850-Friday I’m free
Group 1850-little fly
Pesky gee!-peace of mind
Ry cooder-getaway
Drama-smile or yell
Les yper sounds-jericho jerk
Pretty things-loneliest person

Compiled 10th October 2001