Sunday, 10 August 2008

Motion Demon - Silent Hill August 9th 2008

Yesterday at Silent Hill

Dr Euphoria and the Mind Gardener’s Eternal Playlist - 2

Last night, they repaired to the cellar of dreams and added more to the eternal playlist:

Dr Dopo Jam – Suite (side one of EntrĂ©e)
Stars & Stips - Tango Mafido
Stackridge – Sliding down the razor of love
Dragonfly (Switzerland) - Behind the spider’s web
Glencoe – Hay Fever
The Rascals – Please love me
Blues Section – Wolf at the door
The Temptations – Take a stroll through your mind
Ross – Changes
Fred – Night Lillies
Miller Anderson – Shadows cross the wall
Grace Slick – Come again toucan