Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Songs that were salvaged from my mp3 player - 6

Hammer song –Alex Harvey
Here’s A Health To The Sauters – Ceolbeg
Hotel Room – Edgar Broughton Band
House of Jacob – The Nits
I’m only trying to prove to myself that I’m not like everybody else – The Outsiders
In the Launderette – Spot
In the Mud – Gary Farr
It’s all about a roundabout – Spooky Tooth
Ivory Boy – The Nits
John the Baptist – John and Beverley Martin

Some more JOB

watercolour Marilyn by JOB

You Tube

Go and have a look at some of my favourite things on You Tube:


Soon I will start to post some videos

Hannibal Rising

I watched 'Hannibal Rising' last night. I'm a big fan of Thomas Harris' novels and the films that have been made from them. Harris is a good a script writer as a novelist and his script is in the hands of some excellent filmakers. This film is a great cinematic experience. While watching the film that came to mind was 'Perfume'(an excellent film of a great novel.


For Christmas I was given a box set of Joseph Losey films by my wife. I watched 'Accident' for the first time in about 20 years on the evening of Christmas Day. Earlier in the evening I had watched the announcement of Harold Pinter's death on the news. 'Accident' was a film that left an indelible impression on me as a teenager and as a young man but I hadn't been able to see it for years. Seeing it again my belief was re-inforced that this is one of the best films of the 60s and one of the best films in world cinema. The writing direction and acting, photography, set design, sound and editing are as good as you will find in cinema. The film based on the novel by Nicholas Mosley (one of the greatest and undercelebrated English Novelists.) Pinter's script takes the source and creates another work that stands beside and apart from a great novel.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The Black Donnellys

I just watched the pilot again , after watching the whole series in a couple of days only very recently. This is one of the best things I have ever seen on TV and it is a great great great shame that it was cancelled. This is so good it holds its own with 'Mean Streets' and 'State of Grace' The acting , writing and direction put it in a league with the classics of the gangster genre.


'Gangsters' is possibly the most daring and innovative series ever on the BBC. As as 10 and 12 year old it left a huge impact on me. As it was never repeated after it aired in 1975 and 1977 and never released on video I had to wait of 30 years to see it again. 'Gangsters' lived up to my memories. This is a very bizarre and unique series that has been unjustly overlooked in cultural history. Beware though, if you do watch this series it has a very shocking ending, which is actually quite upsetting if you get involved with the characters. Phillip Martin, the creator/writer didn't want to write a third series and finished the second in a way that would have made it near impossible to make a third. The script is one of the best in television history. 'Gangsters' is still groundbreaking and the BBC hasn't ever really come this close to the edge in a television series since.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Jean-Pierre Melville

I saw 'L'Armee des ombres' again after twenty years recently. It was as I remembered,one of the best films with a wartime setting, one of the world's great films. If I was asked to choose a favourite film director Melville is the one I would pick. His finest masterpiece was his next and penultimate film 'le Cercle Rouge'

While thinking about films set in the Second World War, I can't resist starting a list and the next in list of my favourites would be ' Soldier of Orange', 'Black Book', 'The Train' and 'Castle Keep'

Some films and TV

some things I've watched recently and will watch again because they were so good are:

Southland Tales
An eternal piece

Wild palms
Homicide Season 6

The Walkabouts

I found a gig by the Walkabouts from 2005 (Tilburg, August 28). I love this band. The power and emotion of their music finds few equals in the world today.If you haven’t heard them before you should hear this. Next to Jefferson Airplane I can’t think of a band who use female and male vocals together so brilliantly.
You’ll find the gig here:



The above link is a video of my favourite songs by this great band

‘the light will stay on’is a song I’ve loved since it was released and last night was the first time I saw the video.

elephants listening

The elephants were there listening. They heard the words, they heard the hands on the guitar, they heard the voice. You may soon hear what the elephants heard