Friday, 8 August 2008

Motion Demon and Louis V

This was taken by Steve Kethero at the door of the studios in den Haag where Motion Demon and Louis V worked together in 2007.

songs that were salvaged from my mp3 player -1

There were a few thousand songs on the player when it stopped working.  Before the machine stopped, I managed to salvage 425 mp3s.  To remind myself I've started to list them. The list is alphabetical.

All the same – Spirit
All the things – The Byrds
Alone again or - Love
Amazing Grass- Peter Brown and Graham Bond
Americana/the Ghost-Thin White Rope
Amsterdam-John Cale
Amsterdam –Tax Free
Amsterdam – Kevin Coyne
Anchor Me – The Mutton Birds
And your bird can sing – The Beatles
Andalucia – John Cale
Angel – Jimi Hendrix
Animal Zoo – Spirit
Anyday- Derek and the Dominoes
Anyone for Tennis – Cream
Appleknockers Flophouse –Cuby + Blizzards
Ardath – The Eyes of Blue
Are you receiving me – Golden Earring
Around the world in 80 days – Stray
As Close as This – The Mutton Birds
At the zoo – Simon and Garfunkel
Auburn Queen – Haystacks Balboa
Austin Osmanspare – Bulldog Breed
Autopsy-Fairport convention
Aviator-Michael Chapman

Skipper Boetlek

My friend, The Skipper

Misfit and the The Man on the dune

The name of this blog is from two of my favourite songs from one of the absolutely crucial albums in my life. Since the first night I heard 'CQ' by the beach in Zandvoort, it has been one of those records that shape the way I think about music.

I found this on you tube this evening.

I hadn't thought about van Gogh, for a while, until a few days ago.

It was a surprise to see his face on youtube tonight. I liked the link with The Outsiders

In 2007 I was at the van Gogh Museum doing poetry with music with friends, whose aims are very similar to mine.

V for Vendetta

A thrillingly good film, with a great script and wonderful casting. One of the most topical political films I have scene. Orwell would have smiled at the cleverness of this film. We live in a world all too close to this vision. Think about that, when you are watched 300 times a day. Thinks about the fact that the mechanisms of control are there, think about identity cards and DNA databanks.