Saturday, 31 May 2008

To Live and Die in LA

I bought the DVD of 'To Live and Die in LA' from FOPP today. FOPP is my favourite record shop of the few that remain today, but that's another story. I first saw William Friedkin's great dark thriller 23 years ago, not far from where I bought the DVD today at a cinema, which I seem to recall was in Shaftsbury Avenue. I remember being excited when I saw the poster for this film all those years ago and being very impressed by what I saw in the cinema. I was no less impressed this evening. The film is one of Friedkin's best and possibly his darkest. There are some startling moments and if you like car chases, films with action and very clever writing, this is a film you should know.  Be warned that it is violent and not a film you will not walk away from smiling, but it is a film that will make an impact on you.

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