Friday, 10 December 2010

CDR compilation 10-12-2010

The Ballroom – Baby please don't go
Andwella – Hold on to your mind
The Illusion – Happy Days
Michael Chapman – Stranger in the room
Cosmic Dealer – Swingin' Joe Brown
Sweetwater – What's wrong
Fusion Orchestra – Skeleton in armour
Julius Victor – Circus lady
Andwella – Michael Fitzhenry
Pavlov's Dog – Gold Nuggets
Michael Chapman – Rabbit hills
The Garden club – Little girl lost and found
Coven – Lost without a trace
The Monkees – Daily nightly
Blue Roses – Doubtful comforts
Cosmic Dealer – the Fly
Princess Chelsea – Monkey eats bananas
Three legged horse – Red
Andwella – World's end

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