Saturday, 19 June 2010

playlist 19th June 2010

Last night I put together a cdr length playlist of some of the best things I've been listening to recently.

Dreamworld – the End
Jersey Thursday – Douglas Fir
Men are building sand – Montage
all around us – Pacific Eardrum
Voyaging to Vinland – Robert Calvert
Impossible things – Morris Tepper
same old way – Rhinoceros
Down in the bottom – Creepy John Thomas
My life is filled with changes – Luv Machine
God is alive in Argentina – the doppler Effect
Dream Weaver – Seed of love – The little boy blues
Fandangos in Space – Carmen
Do not walk in the rain – Forest
Hiding behind the moon – Jeff Hanson
oh that she might – the Paupers
Hello sunshine- Relatively clean rivers
the map – Bob Pegg
Ailen Mochre – Stone the crows
one five eight – Stone the crows
the river – Bob Pegg
ask her again – the Paupers
Say say hello – I Spy

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