Sunday, 20 July 2008

another undated cdr compilation

I found another undated compilation tonight. I think this is probably from 2003. I'm not sure of the name of the last tracks. It's from Jeff Tarlton's draginSpring, which I have, but can't find at the moment.

Jackie Leven – Classic Northern Diversions
Terry Mann – Fire
Flying Dutchman – Underground
Violet – Slideshow
Rock Four – Government
Fool’s Garden – The Principle Thing
Fool’s Garden – Probably
Autumn Leaves – Theme from Autumn Leaves
Widespread Panic – Little Lilly
Reeves Gabriel – Say that now
Barrage – Mahatma
Terry Mann – Bar Room
Jackie Leven – Dust Elegy/Savannah Waltz
Violet – Rain
Terry Callier –Lazarus Man
Jeff Tarlton – track from draginSpring

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