Thursday, 17 July 2008

23rd September 2006

Below is another cdr I found this evening, compiled on the 23rd September 2006.

John Cale – Andalucia
Fairport convention – Book Song
Tim Buckley-dream letter
Laura Nyro – Eli’s Coming
Terry Reid – Erica
Gene Clark – From a silver phial
David Forman and Levon Helm - Gimme a Stone
Nick Drake – Hazey Jane 2
Stoneage – Zo Larat
The Outsiders – you’re everything on earth
The Rolling Stones - Wild Horses
Horslips - We bring the summer with us
Jefferson Airplane – Today
Aztec Two-step – The Persecution & Restoration of Dean Moriarty
(On The Road)
Horslips – Stars
John P Strohm and the Hello Strangers – Powderkeg
The Byrds – Renaissance Fair

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