Saturday, 2 August 2008

Dr Euphoria and the Mind Gardener’s Eternal Playlist - 1

Last night Dr Euphoria and the Mind Gardener repaired again to the cellar of dreams.
The eternal playlist begins:

The Guess Who – Eye
Gypsy – Blindman
Dolce Aqua – Preludio
The Nits – Home Before Dark
Culpepper’s Orchard – Time Flies
Blue Oyster Cult – Burnin’ for you
Graham Nash – Everybody’s been burned
Oakley Hall – House Carpenter
Punch Brothers – It’ll happen
Soft Machine –We know what you mean
Beck Bogert & Appice – Living life backwards
The Henry Road – Jeff Lynne is five
Steely Dan – Sail the waterway
Ramatam –The Land/rainy Sunday evening
Marissa Nadler – Daisy and Violet
Demian Dempsey –St Patrick’s Day
Gene Clark – Silver raven
Pan – To get along
Jack Bruce – Victoria Sage
Golden Earrings – Must I cry
Debbie Saloman – Long velvet sigh

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