Sunday, 17 August 2008

Songs that were salvaged from my mp3 player - 3

Candyman –The Grateful Dead
Can’t find a reason – Atomic Rooster
Can’t you hear me knocking - The Rolling Stones
Caravan –Thin White Rope
Carnival Dark – Jackie Leven
Caribbean sunset – John Cale
Carry on (Glittering dancer) – Ruthann Friedman
Cars and cars – The Nits
Cat fever – Little Feat
Cats or dogs – La Kidda
Caution-do not stop on the tracks – the Grateful Dead
Cease fire – Alan Stivell
Celestial Dreams – Dragonfly
Chameleon – Creedence Clearwater Revival
Chances – The eyes of blue
Chelsea (is a horse) – Spot
Cheryl’s going home – Blues project
China cat sunflower – the Grateful Dead
China sea – John Cale
China white – Incredible string band
Circle round the sun – James Taylor
Cicus days –Junior’s eyes
Citadel –The rolling stones
Classic northern diversions –Jackie Leven
Coloured rain –Traffic
Coloured rain – Eric Burdon and the Animals
Come all ye –Fairport Convention
Come around – Skip bifferty
Come here my love – Van Morrison
Come summer – Horslips
Coming back to me – Jefferson Airplane
Coming down – the United States of America
Coming down-love song for the dead Che-coming down – Locomotive
Complainte gallaise – Tri Yann
Con man – Golden earring
Confessions of a mind – the hollies
Connection – the rolling stones
Conquistador –Procul harum
Copperhead road –Steve Earle
Cream puff was – the Grateful Dead
Crest of a wave –Rory Gallagher
Crime & punishment – the Nits
Crow Jane lady – Crazy horse
Cruel sister – Pentangle
Cry baby cry – the beatles
Crystallization – Cosmic dealer
Cubist town –Manfred Mann
Cuckoo – Kaleidoscope

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