Sunday, 1 February 2015

First Forgotify discoveries

Last week I came across a New York Post website article on Forgotify, a website that randomly plays any of the 20% of tracks (around 4 million in total) on Spotify, that  have never been played by anyone.

Intrigued, I visited to the website and was immediately drawn in.

The playlist I've compiled is the result of skipping 100s of pieces of music and playing many others during the last week. It covers quite a number of genres and styles,ranging from to folk to avant garde, from jazz to film music and more.

Forgotify has quickly become my favourite method of music discovery.  

First Forgotify discoveries

Jim Byrnes – Stranger Blues
Joe & Bing – Summer Sound
John Lyle – My Cold Is Gone
Ingo & Floyd – Slow Motion
Secret Sounds - Full Moon On The Warpath - Live
Bent Patey – Extra Terrestrial Visit
Sundef – Sunrise
Roger Matura – New York (You're Bringin' Me Down)
Tom Parrott – Autumn Time in Grenada
Baird Hersey & David Moss – From the Tower
Orriel Smith – Over the Hills
Beaver Harris – Love And Hate
The Halifax Three – San Francisco Bay Blues
Pi Xprnc – Serenity
Steve Ashley – Monkey Puzzle Tree
The Folksmiths – Go Down, Old Hannah
Jimmy Carroll Percussion Ensemble – Speed the Parting Guest
Lubomír Brabec – Preludium
The Neurotics – Local News
Jennifer Ferguson – Eugene Speaks In White River - Today more than dogs are burning
Bhaskar Gupta – Naina Barse Rimjim
The Tycoons – Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
Arnold Dreyblatt & The Orchestra of Excited Strings – The Odd Fellows
Liz Getz – Where Does It Lead?
Lizzie Higgins – Beggar Man Dressed In Green
The Rings – Uh-Oh - Here I Go Again
Rustichelli Carlo – Tra i canyons
Traiters – Mexico
Gérard Guillemot – La soupe au lait
Cleveland Watkiss – Puss In Boots
Jad Fair – O.K. 19
Mark Spoelstra – Poor Boy
The Trio feat. John Surman – Billie the Kid
Ma Kelley – Welcome Home(to the homeless)
Fool's Child – Killer Force
Kevin Roth – Farewell to Tarwathie / Sheebeg Sheemore (medley)
David Earle Johnson, John Abercrombie & Dan Wall – Frozen Moments
Dinah Washington – Resolution Blues - Single Version

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